Although Covid19 Restrictions have now ended, the virus has not gone away and we want everyone who attends Esquires, including punters, staff and touring musicians, to be safe and to avoid infection. There are simple things you can do to look out for each other.

1. If you are showing any Covid symptoms or have tested positive, please do not attend a show as you may infect other people. Most ticket companies offer insurance where you can get a refund if you are unable to attend a show because of illness.

2. Before coming to one of our events, we recommend that you do everything you can to make sure that you personally are not infectious. You can do this by:
-Getting vaccinated
-Taking a lateral flow test
-Registering that you are immune (because of previous infection)

3. You may wish to wear a mask whilst you are moving around the venue. Masks reduce the risk of transmission. We are not forcing you to wear a mask – it is your choice. However, please don’t be a dick and chastise other people about their own choices.

4. During our long closure, you will have seen that as part of our improvements, we have installed a brand new, high spec air-conditioning system onto our main stage. This system is powerful enough to change the air within the room 11 times per hour, or once every five and a half minutes or so. The guidance for air changes in spaces is deemed ‘excellent’ at 6 times per hour and has been a scientifically proven method of reducing airborne pathogens. We also have fresh air fans installed into both external walls and will be opening the doors between performances to aid this further.

5. Anyone who has visited us in the last couple of months will already know that we have made many improvements, including brand new toilet facilities throughout. We will be employing extra staff to keep the venue and surfaces clean throughout our events and we will be deep cleaning all rooms after every single evening, using contact cleaning solutions which reduce the risk of contact infections. There will be additional sanitising units around the building, and we ask you to please play your part in keeping the building clean from contact risk by regularly washing your hands and using the sanitiser.

6. We strongly encourage you to use contactless/cards if you are able to do so and limit cash to buying tickets at the venue. Again, we won’t be enforcing this, but would like to keep as few contacts as we can.